Ten facts you must know about Hair Transplant

Ten facts you must know about hair transplant

We are going to discuss the very basics of hair transplantation A single strand of hair is called a follicle. A group of follicles existing naturally on the scalp is called a follicular unit or graft. This follicular unit/graft can have from 1 to 6 follicles depending from person to person. With an average of […]

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FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction in Hair Transplantion

They say ‘what’s in a name?’ Well there is a lot more to a name then it appears. Recently the ISHRS have changed the name of the technique FUE, previously called Follicular Unit Extraction to Follicular Unit Excision. It’s an effort to redefine the surgical aspect of the procedure. Dr. Ricardo Mejia, MD, ISHRS board […]

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Does Baldness only happen in old age population?

Although hair loss can affect people at any age, but losing hair is more often with getting older.  As we grow older, the growth rate of hair reduces because the follicles do not remain as productive as they were during youth. However, the most common cause of hair loss in ageing is androgenetic alopecia. This […]

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