pre and post hair transplant instructions


Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, it is important to have some basic blood tests done to see whether you are medically fit and are not having any pre existing disease, like infection, diabetes or any bleeding disorders. Besides this tests to rule out HIV and Viral liver disease are also done. If you are […]

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Best hair transplant clinic in India

Which is India’s best hair transplant clinic and how much does it cost for a hair transplant

EUGENIX HAIR SCIENCES is by far the best Hair Transplant Clinic in India and it definitely is beyond doubt. Eugenix has two active centres, situated at Gurugram/ Delhi NCR and Mumbai, the other two centres are consulting offices in Bhubaneswar and Dehradun. The Gurugram/ Delhi NCR and Mumbai ones being the primary centres where we […]

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Which is the best hair transplant method and why ?

The DIRECT HAIR TRANSPLANT method ( DHT ) authored and mastered by us at EUGENIX HAIR SCIENCES, is by far the best method of hair transplant as compared to the plain FUE/FOLLICULAR UNIT EXCISION or FUT. The reason appears to be plain and simple as in the latter method the hair follicles are extracted, kept […]

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“Hair Transplant” vis-a-vis “Hair Mass Transplantation”

Are you being lured or are you drawn by “full head transplant”,  “Unlimited hair” !!! Be careful, let us do the mathematics: Hair count on our head is fixed for one lifetime. It is not renewable. From a fixed number we try to re-distribute the hair to give a coverage of the bald area and […]

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Pain-less or Less Pain

No pain, No gain; they say or is it? Any surgical procedure always has pain written all over it. But how much is too much is something to wonder about. We make you feel at home…  All our patients are happy and stress free during post hair transplant surgery. We must be doing something right […]

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