Body Hair Differ From Scalp Hair – How And Why?

We as humans whether have liked or not liked our body hair it is definitely always there and needs tending. In today’s world, we are divided in groups when it comes to body hair. Some of us wanting them only in few parts and some not bothered at all. Or so we say!

What is body hair?

Body hair AKA androgenic hair are terminal hair covering most parts of our body which basically means that the pre pubertal velous hair transforms into these terminal hair under the presence of androgens.

body and scalp hair
( Single follicle grafts from beard )

The purpose-

They are important tactile organs. Well this doesn’t mean you shaving them off makes you less responsive to touch! It’s the hair shaft within the skin which plays integral part in transferring sensory input.


  • The body hair can be lighter or darker varying with individual, as its density which is  different  in different parts of the body.
  • These hair tend to have a shorter androgenic/growth phase and a longer telogenic/dormant phase.
  • Thus these hair do not grow as long as your lovely scalp hair.
  • These are mostly present as single follicles and rarely doubles or triples.

Why is it important for us…?

Well we have been advocating about body hair transplant and our experience with it since long. With the years unfolding we have learned much, thanks to the ever evolving world of hair transplantation. In HT with higher grades of NW-Hamilton grades the scalp hair not being enough for full coverage, the next available donor is body hair.

Most patients often ask can we use all the body hair for scalp and sadly we have to say a ‘Big No’ (While completely understanding the idea of giving away excess of what we have)

Though body hair from, almost all areas has been tried to be used for hair transplantation, the success rate is not alarmingly good. Hence facial hair especially beard and chest hair are commonly sought donors and in that order.

How we use it?

body and scalp hair
( Coarse texture of beard hair )

Due to its different characteristics in terms of texture and hair cycle there are few important poits to keep in mind.

  • Balance : Too much of anything is bad and this applies here more or less. Optimum density achievement demands a balanced use of both scalp and beard hair. Scalp donor aesthetics needs to be maintained at all costs; and taking the help of beard is always a good option.
  • Aesthetics : Hairline, temples, centre of the crown, lateral humps are areas which needs scalp hair for aesthetically pleasing results, which cannot be achieved with beard hair due to its coarse  texture.
  • Placement : Strategic placement is key. It is always better not to implant all beard hair in one particular area, because of its shorter growth and longer dormant phase. Scattering these beard grafts with implanted scalp grafts or in between pre existing hair is ideal, thus working as volumizer. As there can be phases where most of the beard hair becomes dormant thus causing decrease in density and volume.

All in all beard hair plays the ultimate underdog in the battle against baldness given the right approach.


Eugenix Hair Sciences

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