Who is An Ideal Candidate For hair transplant ?

Who is An Ideal Candidate For hair transplant ?

  1. A hair transplant is a procedure wherein hair is extracted from one part of the body and implanted into another part of the body of the same person. It is a procedure used mainly for balding people, whether premature or normal age-related balding, to regrow hair on the bald patches.
  2. The hair taken for this purpose is mainly from the back of the scalp and also the beard in many cases, known as the donor areas and transplanted on the bald area, known as the recipient area.
  3. A detailed history of the person concerned and his family are first taken to exclude any ailment for which medicines have to be regularly taken. Before going in for a hair transplant, we have various blood tests done, besides a physical examination, to see whether you are healthy and to rule out any pre existing disease.
  4. This includes certain viral markers for problems that may not be exhibiting any signs in your system. It must be noted that going in for a hair transplant does not stop hair loss progression, thus the doctor concerned has to take into account various factors, the extent of baldness and the age of the person being prime considerations.
  5. A strong donor area is a very important aspect in hair transplants and care has to be taken during extraction of grafts to prevent overharvesting or damage during the extraction process. The quality of hair and texture in the donor area is another important aspect.
  6. It is generally seen that thick and curly hair has a better coverage property and creates a better density appearance, rather than the thin and straight hair.
  7. After the surgery, especially in the younger age group, one has to be put on certain medication, so as to preserve the existing hair and has been seen in many cases to help in new hair regrowth also.

To sum it up, it is a delicate, time taking procedure done very skilfully and artistically by experienced hands to get good and desired results.


Eugenix Hair Sciences

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