FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction in Hair Transplantion

They say ‘what’s in a name?’ Well there is a lot more to a name then it appears.

Recently the ISHRS have changed the name of the technique FUE, previously called Follicular Unit Extraction to Follicular Unit Excision.

It’s an effort to redefine the surgical aspect of the procedure.

Dr. Ricardo Mejia, MD, ISHRS board member & chair of the ad hoc committee said “ The purpose of clarifying that surgical graft removal with FUE involves excision of hair & tissue is to make this terminology more scientifically, clinically, and surgically accurate”

Dr. Mejia went on to further explain that the term ‘extraction’ may sometimes mislead patients into thinking it to be a non surgical procedure, where in mere hair is plucked out from the scalp without surgery.

He added “ Amending FUE terminology is one more way that we can inform patients about the true surgical nature of the procedure so they can make better decisions about their choice of physicians and treatment.”

As the term ‘extraction’ do not highlight the invasive nature of the procedure therefore the change was much needed.

The ISHRS henceforth has asked everyone to globally except this term which only makes more sense and we totally agree with it.

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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