Body and Beard Hair Transplantation

Body hair transplantation can be divided into two procedures: 1) Removing the hair from the scalp and placing it onto the body or 2) Removing the hair from the body and placing it onto the scalp.

Usually, in many cases, the hair transplantation treatments, the hair is taken from the scalp itself and used for the transplant. However, sometimes the hair is taken from the body parts like the chest, beard, shoulders, abdomen, and pubic hair. Although there are many differences in the thickness and the texture of the hair taken from the other body parts.

A lot of times, body hair transplantation is done using the FUE technique of hair harvesting as it leaves no scars behind after the treatment.

Mostly in the body hair transplantation treatments, the hair is extracted from the beard or the chest as the hair grown in these parts are fuller and high in density and grow faster. Also, the reason the hair is transplanted from these areas is that sometimes the scalp has been depleted through a number of previously done hair transplantation treatments.

However, the hair from the scalp is preferred over the chest hair because of a few reasons, first being beard has a better caliber of growing full density hair. Second, beard hair grows longer and faster as compared to the chest hair. Third, hairs removed from the beard heal very well and do not leave behind an area of hypopigmentation (loss of skin color). However, chest hair also has a finer caliber that can be used to blend into beard hairs or used along the hairline for refinement of a previously transplanted result.

There have also been times that the scalp hair is not used, the reason being preserving some hair for the future use.

In conclusion, if one is considering a body transplant it is important for the candidate to choose a good surgeon and consider someone’s expertise on choosing the right surgeon and clinic.

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