Corrective Hair Transplantation Surgery

Corrective Hair Transpla

What is a Corrective hair transplant surgery?

A hair surgery which is performed in order to repair bad or deterred results of previously performed procedures is referred to as Corrective or Repairing hair transplant surgery. This procedure usually takes place when patients who are dissatisfied with their results because of having had poorly performed hair restoration procedures or outdated hair restoration procedures are done in the past such as mini-grafting; strip harvesting; or scalp reduction surgery and getting unnatural results, hair plugs, or scars.

Reasons for bad hair transplants:

  1. Outdated Hair Restoration Procedures: Traditional hair transplant surgery has now become outdated. This was done with the mini-grafting technique in which 10-12 hairs were taken from the patient’s back of the scalp by only one way that is called strip harvesting. A linear strip of skin is cut off from the back of the scalp with numerous hair follicles stuck in it. The hair follicles were dissected from the skin by cutting the skin into tiny pieces and each piece contained 10-12hair follicles, quite irrelevant of the naturally occurring follicular units. The dissected hair is called a hair graft, which is then planted with a needle into the bald area of the scalp. As a result, the basic idea of the whole procedure was that the hair would grow normally covering the bald patches. However, the results seemed quite obvious and unnatural.
  1. Scalp Reduction: Another outdated hair transplant procedure is scalp reduction where the skin from part of the bald scalp from the crown area is just removed and the edges of a more hair-bearing skin are stretched to close and thus technically reducing the bald scalp, partially. These further lead to a lot of complications like stretching back of the hair-bearing skin; unwanted scarring; the unnatural look of the scalp; infection; hemorrhage.
  1. Poor operator skills: Hair transplant surgery can go wrong if the surgeon’s skills are poor. However, if the operator skills are good the surgery can turn out to be great. Lack of operator skills can lead to disastrous results.

Corrective Hair Transplant Treatments:

  1. Hair camouflaging: Sometimes the previously done hair transplantation is not as bad an can be fixed easily through a hair camouflaging treatment where the larger grafts can be planted in a proper direction and where the hair camouflaging can be less costly as compared to the other hair transplantation treatments.
  1. Scalp Micro-pigmentation: In this procedure, it includes a treatment where it mimics the short hair on the entire scalp and it actually, in reality, a permanent cosmetic tattoo.
  1. Candidates: The real and the ideal candidates are those candidates who have real hair issues and have through a previous bad hair transplantation experience or have faced a few cosmetic complications with the previous surgery. However, the candidates must also have some realistic expectations from the corrective hair treatment.

In conclusion, one must keep in mind, even with the corrective hair treatment, miracles cannot happen and that hair can be restored in only those places where there is a hope of the hair being transplanted. Also, with the new age treatments, it is now possible to get the right treatment done in the very first time. However, it is very important for the candidate to find the right surgeon. . One can also consider having a hair transplantation done from the Hair Transplants in Mumbai or the Hair Transplants in Delhi.

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