Hair transplants should always be entrusted to people with experience, as it is a procedure well thought out after a lot of deliberation and research to enhance the looks of the individual concerned. Besides looks, hair restoration provides added confidence to many who decide to go through it.
As mentioned, this procedure is not just a money making spin, but has to be done in such a way that an onlooker should not be able to make out that the person he or she is seeing has had such a makeover.

corrective hair transplants
For this, the surgeon concerned has to be so experienced to give an absolutely natural look to the patient, giving personal attention to the hairline, crafting it according to the contour of the face.
A faulty procedure can be made out in a single look, with thick hair and multiple follicles donning the hairline and a very artificial appearance in the arrangement and direction of the hair due to faulty slit making and implantation.
We, at Eugenix, get many patients who have had a previous procedure by inexperienced hands, not just in India but at certain foreign centres too.
Corrective hair transplants are very difficult and time consuming, as the previously transplanted faulty hairs have to be extracted, the hairline restructured and then a completely reformed appearance has to be presented.
In many cases, extraction of hair from places where that hair should not have been in the first place, leads to small micro scars, (albeit imperceptible in our hands) which at times threats to be visible as a blemish in the otherwise aesthetic appearance.

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