female hair transplant


The main causes of female hair loss are age related or hormonal changes and pregnancy. Another important cause is continuous traction of the hair leading to traction fibrosis and permanent loss of hair follicles.
Medicines have a limited effect and patients tend to stop medications out of frustration.
Excessive thinning of hair and visibility of the scalp, due to whatever causes, are reasons enough to go in for a hair transplant in women below 50. Many others have a high forehead and want their hairline lowered to enhance their beauty and personality.
Transplant in women and girls is a beauty enhancing procedure and thus involves artistry and loads of experience. Trimming is not done on the recipient area and the donor region is trimmed in such a way so as to be covered by other existing hair. Utmost care is taken while making the slits so that the existing hair roots are not damaged in any way and the hairline requires a completely natural appearance with fine single hair in the first 6-10 rows with an irregularly irregular look.
We at Eugenix have done numerous hair transplants on women and young ladies, including a host of high profile persons and the outcome has been terrific in all cases and we consider ourselves as the leading experts in hair transplants, especially in females, where the results speak for themselves.

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