Is Hair transplant permanent & Natural?

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What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the body and implanted to the recipient area. It is performed on people who have significant hair loss or bald patches where hair no longer grows. In men, the most common causes of hair loss and baldness are genetic factors and hormone DHT. In women, hair loss occurs usually due to hormonal changes.

The ability of hair transplant surgery to provide natural-looking results has encouraged a number of baldness suffering men and women to opt for it.

Types of hair transplant  Techniques  –       

There are three main types of hair transplant:

Direct hair transplant (DHT) : Direct Hair transplant is the modification of follicular unit extraction technique. This technique provides healthy and natural looking hair when done in a meticulous manner.

In this technique, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor site of the scalp and implanted directly into the recipient area.  This technique does not involve the use of scalpels and it is pain-free. The main objective of this technique is to elevate the survival and growth of the hair follicles by reducing their handling and the time for which they stay out of the skin.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) : It is an advanced method of hair transplantation in which completely natural results are achieved. It is a far more sophisticated method as compared to FUT. This method does not leave scars.

In this method, follicular units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. Then, small holes are made in the recipient area and follicular units are implanted.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) : In this technique, an entire strip of hair is removed from the donor area of the scalp. The area from where the strip is removed is stitched, which leaves a linear scar on the scalp. Then the strip of hair is divided into grafts which are implanted into the recipient area. This technique has certain demerits as :

  • risk of scarring
  • longer recovery period
  • leaves a linear scar at the donor site

 Is hair transplant for every type of baldness?

Hair transplant is not recommended for all types of baldness. For instance, hair transplant is not done if the baldness is due to anagen effluvium and telogen effluvium.

Hair transplant is usually done when the baldness is permanent or hair regrowth does not occur even after medicinal treatment.

Is hair transplant natural?

Hair transplant provides natural looking hairs if it is done by an experienced surgeon in a meticulous manner. Therefore it is important to choose an experienced and skilled surgeon for your hair transplant.

The most natural results are shown by hair transplant using direct hair transplant technique. It is the most advanced technique of hair transplant which shows 100% natural results. In this technique, each hair follicle is implanted in a particular direction, depth and angle to get best results with maximum density.

Is hair transplant permanent?

After a hair transplant, the transplanted hair will continue to grow like normal hair because they are normal hair. However, it completely depends upon the skills and experience of the surgeon who is performing the hair transplant. An experienced surgeon ensures to provide you with the permanent results.



Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix is an exclusive centre which is led by two experienced surgeons - Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal. They offer hair transplant surgery at international standards. They are the inventors of the revolutionary Direct Hair Transplant Technique, published in 2012. They have performed hair transplant surgeries in more than 4000 patients, including over 900 doctors. Also, 900+ Grade 6/7 Baldness Cases have been treated by them. They have implanted more than 1,25,00,000 grafts with a 100% success rate by our surgeons.

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