recovery post hair transplant

Recovery Post Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in a patient involves removal of hair from different parts of the body, mainly from the back of the scalp and in many cases, the beard and implanting them on the recipient site. Slits are first made on the recipient site and hair taken from the donor area are implanted by the DHT technique, mastered by us at Eugenix.
The areas where the slits are made are ultimately filled by the hair from the donor sites, but a raw area remains in the donor portion, mainly the back of the scalp and the beard.

Since the face and the scalp have a fairly good blood supply, wounds in these regions tend to heal much faster comparatively than other parts of the body.
On the first night the patient has some amount of discomfort as he has to lie on his back, so the rawness on the back of his scalp tends to be a little irritating and does cause a degree of uneasiness in the initial stages, the amount depending on the persons tolerance to pain, but one gets accustomed to it and subsequently sleeps well enough. After that, the wounds heal rapidly and from the second night onwards the pain or discomfort reduces drastically. As the patient is on antibiotics and pain relievers, he does not feel much pain or discomfort thereafter.
When I had my transplant, I slept well on the first night itself, as most patients do and the beard area too healed well and rapidly. I was able to shave on the 7th or 8th day post surgery.
Recovery is normally good and swift, as we take all necessary precautions during the surgical procedure, including proper sterilisation and handling of instruments, not to mention the blood tests done prior to the surgery to exclude any other existing disease.
To sum it up, one forgets the pain and discomfort in a week or so and since the healing takes place quite rapidly, in hindsight, the whole process seems a distant dream and we are quickly back to our normal daily routine, especially after the first hair wash which takes place on the 7th day.

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