Why my hair transplantation looks unnatural?

The hair at different parts of the scalp has got different features in terms of thickness, colour, angle of exit to the scalp, curl, growth rate, thickness, single/multiple follicles together, intradermal course, etc.

So, picking all these points during the extraction and placement of the grafts is very important.

Hairline hair is thin, less pigmented and slow-growing, arranged in singles for multiple layers to give the natural looks like baby hair. The angle of exit is around 15-25 degree to skin.

The temple hair has got a “curl” which has concavity along the skin. The hair in the mid-scalp and the crown has a different angle of exit, graded from 30-90 degrees. The temple and hairline single hair are very irregularly placed to give a very natural “careless” look, which is done very “carefully”! Unless done very carefully with experience the hair would look like “tree plantation”!

If the team is not aware of these intricate points and does the procedures then they would grow inappropriate hair at inappropriate sites, and the look becomes very unnatural. So, these intricate points need to be known to the patients so that they can choose the right clinic for their jobs. “Do it once, do it right!”

Find some Hair Transplant results over here.

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