Cure through research

It is okay to be sceptical about the medicines related to any disease, let alone hair loss. A good patient is one who does his or her homework well; researches the facts and discards the myths.

There are many medications on the market bosting to be “The Cure” for hair loss. For a patient who is a nonprofessional in terms of medical interventions, it not only becomes daunting but also extremely irritating to have to nurture the fear of being cheated. It does not come as a surprise then that most people start doubting everything that comes along their way.

However, the correct way to develop trust over a medication is through thorough research. One must have a very scientific temper to do so. And sciences thrive on experimentation.

The primary step to a research is understanding the problem. One must study the nature of the problem. It is important to know the problem in and out. Being thorough and well versed regarding what is the issue being experienced.

Secondly, one must come to the part where you must understand the cause of the problem being experienced. The stimuli to the response being noticed.

Third, it is important to understand what would stop the stimuli from being more active.

Fourth, one must understand the negatives and positives of the solution found. Especially with medications, one must be extremely cautious with the dosages. The same medication can be the cure at a prescribed dosage and poisonous when abused.

Last but not the least, the patients must experiment with the given solution. One can set a very specific period as the duration of the trial. If one experiences positive effects without any harmful behavior of the solution used, then you might have just found the cure.

You must put your finger to the eye of the problem. Assumptions are not healthy overall. And one must avoid all assumptions when it comes to scientific treatments. Clarity is the key. And as the elders say – knowledge is power.


Written by Nelson Mukhia

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