Female Hair Transplant

Women often shy away from recognising body issues until it is too late. Be it due to the prejudiced societal norms or lack of finding time for oneself. But it is not new that we see women suffering from a long time and not do anything about it.

One such thing is Hair loss or to put it straight a gradually balding scalp. In the past few years we are seeing a lot of women searching for the right answers regarding Female Pattern Hair loss(FPHL)

FPHL is a rising concern in today’s world and we at Eugenix can give you the absolute direction.

Before talking about a Transplant it is of utmost importance to assess the need of it.

A thorough inspection by our highly qualified doctors determines the course to be followed. Medical therapy can be tried in initial stages to see any positive outcome.

Any underlying condition like traction alopecia, scaring alopecia due to burns, trichotillomania and other dermatological diseases such as Lichen Plano pilaris, Lupus erythematous, Psuedopalade of Brocq which must have been the cause of baldness are mitigated first, ensuring a successful Transplant.

The results to be expected in case of a dermatological disease are always discussed in detail and Transplant is taken up only if the disease is burnt out or inactive for a few years.

There is another prodding aspect associated with hair transplant procedure is the requirement of trimming the hair which often is unacceptable to many females. Therefore if the number of grafts are less what we do here is ‘window trimming’. This allows us to extract grafts from a limited window hidden under a layer of long hair thus making it cosmetically acceptable.

There is certain artistic and technical expertise required in giving a cosmetically good density as well as keeping the naturalness intact. Such expertise comes with years of experience and inert capability to visualise the possible outcome first-hand. Our doctors at Eugenix are undoubtedly the best in it.

In conclusion, what you need to know is that Female Hair Transplant is not a myth and we are increasingly seeing more and more female clients and receiving outstanding results.

So now is the time to open up and let us help you in making your life better.

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