“Hair Transplant” vis-a-vis “Hair Mass Transplantation”

Are you being lured or are you drawn by “full head transplant”,  “Unlimited hair” !!!

Be careful, let us do the mathematics:

Hair count on our head is fixed for one lifetime. It is not renewable. From a fixed number we try to re-distribute the hair to give a coverage of the bald area and give a new appearance. Though it is never possible to give the density in the planted area as before the baldness happened, still a cosmetically acceptable density can be given by an expert and an illusion of density created. 

When we talk about grafts, we mean a unit of 1) hair follicles, 2) muscle attached to the follicles, which binds the follicles like a rope, 3) sebaceous gland and 4) dermal tissue around the follicles. 

One graft on the scalp contains 1-4/5 follicles with an average of 2.3 follicles. 

That means if someone is getting 1000 grafts, it means 2300 follicles are received. 

Here the science comes. If all the grafts are not extracted in toto and few of the follicles within the graft are cut or transected then the hair mass or the number of follicles are deduced where as the number of grafts are not altered! Each and every punch (instrument used for graft extraction) does not fit for all the grafts. Depending upon the thickness of the grafts, arrangement of the follicles, splaying of the follicles in the graft the punch is customised. In fact on the same scalp the graft quality varies from different parts of the scalp. The team should know all these things and change the punch, speed of the instrument, the position of the body, depth of penetration and tautness of the scalp in order to extract the best and intact follicles without having partial or complete transection of grafts. 

“Accuracy is important than Speed.”

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