How to choose the best hair transplant surgeon/clinic?

It is important to realize that hair transplant surgery is a team effort and it is hence important to choose the best surgeon/clinic to get the best results. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the hair or grafts from the donor area and replaces them in the recipient area for good growth of hair. This procedure is then completed with a team of technicians who replace thousands of grafts in the surgery. This practice of using medical technicians to perform hair transplantation as a team effort is what makes it possible to perform large sessions that place thousands of grafts in a single procedure.

However, with the various options available on the internet it has now become very tough to choose one surgeon/clinic and the best one. Also, it is important to remember that hair transplantation is a costly procedure and it also puts your body in a little risky position. Hence, the importance is given to the choosing procedure.

Here are a few tips to choose the best surgeon/clinic for a hair transplantation surgery.

  1. Do good research on the credentials of the surgeon: In today’s day and age, nothing is impossible to look for, credits given to the invention of the internet. With the internet being such a boon for us, it is important for the patient to do thorough research on the surgeon and the clinic before even booking a consultation appointment with him/her. It is important to read about their qualifications and skills as hair transplantation is an extremely sensitive and technical procedure, which if gone wrong will make it a bitter experience for a lifetime.
  1. Experience of the surgeon: Experience in any field makes you a huge difference to the skills of any technician/artist/ surgeon, etc. In this field, the experience is all you look at. But my experience we do not mean to count the number of the years the surgeon has been in the field or his/her age but on the number of successful cases that he has been a part of or has done.
  1. Ask for the details of his previous patients: Asking for the feedback from his/her previous patients can make our lives a little easy where you can discuss his/her experience with the surgeon and the staff at the clinic that you are considering.  
  1. The approachability of the clinic staff: The clinic staff also plays a huge role while choosing the surgeon for the surgery as they not only help us during the surgery but also during the follow-up. A happy and ready to go staff shows interest in your needs and results from then and help you walk in through that door on the day of the surgery. A good staff will also keep a check on the results and follow up with you after the surgical procedure.
  1. Consider taking external feedback as well: You can contact the state medical board and see if any complaints have been registered against the surgeon or the clinic that you are considering.

In conclusion, getting a hair transplantation surgery done is a huge deal and hence one must invest a good amount of time in the research of the best surgeon/clinic as this procedure could be dream achieved if gone well or at the same time could turn into your worst nightmare if gone wrong. Hence, it is important to choose wisely. One can consider Hair Transplants in Mumbai or Hair Transplants in Delhi as well.

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