Maintenance of Hair Transplant

Its human nature to procrastinate. Maintenance is not everyone’s forte and each of us lack in someway.

Hair Transplantation has become like a wildfire, catching on everywhere.

We all are talking about it definitely but not so sure yet. The most common question asked to me is “How do I maintain the transplanted hair after the procedure?”

Well I understand where the apprehension comes from. No one including me likes an extra share of work added to a already busy life.

The answer is simply, YOU DON’T NEED MAINTENANCE.

Your transplanted hair are as natural as your pre existing hair, you can do what you wish to do with it.

Colour it, Cut it, trim it, straighten it, smoothen it!!

Its your hair and you ought to enjoy every bit of it.

Let us make you feel your natural best again. 

With Eugenix Do it once. Do it right. 

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2 thoughts on “Maintenance of Hair Transplant

  1. thanks for sharing information about maintenance of Hair transplant

    1. Your welcome sir.

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