Pain-less or Less Pain

No pain, No gain; they say or is it?

Any surgical procedure always has pain written all over it. But how much is too much is something to wonder about.

We make you feel at home… 

All our patients are happy and stress free during post hair transplant surgery. We must be doing something right after all. Our hair doctors and the team makes sure we make your day near perfect. The anesthesia during the procedure is performed with utmost care so that you don’t feel any discomfort due to it.

How we do it…

We have different ways to minimise any pain and this is possible only with sound knowledge of anaesthetic used and method of administration.

We use 31-32 G insulin syringes which are very thin for the injection. Along with this we use a vibratory machine and ice packs which minimises pain to something which even a child could easily bear.

We are for you.

We assure you that your whole experience at Eugenix Hair Transplant Clinic will be something that you will remember with a smile forever thus we forge a relationship for ever.

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