What are the long-term benefits of getting a hair transplant

Those individuals suffering from baldness or severe hair fall over long periods of time often undergo a hair transplant procedure in order to retain aesthetic. Hair follicles are acquired from the ‘donor site’ and are rooted back into the balding spot. This is called the ‘recipient site’. In India, people most commonly undergo hair transplants in Mumbai or in Delhi.

A lot of patients fear getting a hair transplant because even though it is known to have effective results, at the end of the day it is a cosmetic surgery.  

Most patients are aware of the short-term benefits of getting a hair transplant. Quite naturally, getting a hair transplant visibly improves the physical aesthetic of the patient within 8 to 12 weeks.

However, in the long run, a hair transplant procedure benefits the patient greatly.

  • Boosts confidence: Having a bald spot often results in people losing their confidence. They become shy and try to minimise any social interactions as they feel they have a poor aesthetic appearance and this may lead to negative judgements about them. But, once they undergo a hair transplant surgery, they almost overnight, become confident about themselves and their appearance again.
  • Increases self-esteem: When someone has a bald spot, if often makes them look at themselves differently. Sometimes, this changed perspective brings down the morale and the esteem of the individual. However, once the bald patch is covered, the person does feel better about their appearance and themselves.
  • Lesser judgements: Accept it or not, in today’s day and age, society judges individuals on any and every possible aspect. When it comes to having a bald spot, society judges people on appearance and unusual features. After undergoing a hair transplant procedure, society looks at these people with a more normal, neutral perspective and does not judge them based on a physical feature.
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