Why patience is important for when you get a hair transplant?

Although the hair transplant procedure only takes a few hours, it takes much longer to see results. One requires extreme patience when undergoing the treatment in order to be satisfied with the transplant.

Usually, the procedure takes hours to complete. To be specific, Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) can take up to 8 hours whereas Follicular Unit Transplant can take between 4 and 6 hours. The duration is dependent on numerous factors, namely – the number of grafts being implanted, and the type of procedure being followed.

In terms of the results, it takes a while to get the hair you wish for. Hair transplant procedures involve time for recovery, healing, and growth of the new hair. It is rare to see results during the period right after the procedure, with no new hair growth seen between 3-4 months after. This dormant phase usually passes after 6 months, and exciting new results can finally be noticed. Most hair transplant patients observe the bulk of their hair growth between 5 and 12 months post the procedure. After 12-18 months have passed, results begin to progress as newly implanted hair grafts begin to grow in volume and thickness. Eventually, depending on numerous factors, prominent results begin to show as hair grows in texture and starts to look natural again.

To see the desired results, one must not expect instant changes in hair growth. It takes time for the grafts to begin to grow and attain the correct texture. Hair transplant is based upon the principle of “donor dominance”, which means that the hair will attain similar characteristics to the original site and grow in the same manner. Usually, hair from the back of the scalp is taken for transplant, as it is the least likely to stop growing. Therefore, as you can see, the time taken to see results after treatment can extend depending on various factors; but patience is always key.

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