Is getting a hair transplant before marriage is the best time to do it?

People usually say that your first impression is your last impression. Well, sometimes in this scenario it is true. In an arranged marriage, looks are the first thing that you notice when you meet the person for the first time. Though being bald isn’t a bad thing but some girls usually prefer men with a good hairline as compared to bald men, since it is a sign of youth and healthy living. For some women, baldness is a big factor that plays into consideration.

It may sound very crude and shallow, but hair loss is more than just a cosmetic issue. It is also very important to remember that one cannot get a hair transplant done just a month before his marriage. For the hair to look natural and voluminous, one must get the treatment done at least 6 months before marriage or before arranging a meeting for marriage as it takes 3 months at the very minimum, for the hair to grow naturally.

Some people are also very conscious about the way they look. Your wedding is the day where you are going to get photographed a lot and you cannot shy away from that. Hence, it is important to look a certain way in order to boost your confidence and get pictured happily without worrying about your hair loss. One must also note that these pictures will be looked at for generations. However, there are some people who are confident enough with their own skin and hair and click pictures of themselves without worrying about anything.

It is also very important for the person to do thorough research about the clinics offering treatment, as many times people visiting amateur clinics have to face the side effects of the hair transplant surgery and then have to face the repercussions that come along with it. Also, in the meantime, you lose out on the time waiting and then suddenly are shocked with the time left before the wedding day. At this point, there isn’t much that you would be able to do.    

In conclusion, hair is a very important part of your personality and the way people see you. Having a good hairline does give you a certain sense of confidence, and confidence and personality are two of the major things that matter when going through the entire wedding phase. Hence, getting a hair treatment done before your marriage can be a good option for many.

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