Price or perfection?

The world of hair transplantation is filled with differing prices. But we must also not ignore the differing results that we witness.

Most people are led to believe that the transplantation procedure is priced as per the whim and fancy of the Doctors involved. However, it is one of the biggest myths that has been circulated by many novices and start-ups.

Like any other product in the market, hair transplantation too can be categorized into different strata. The basic factor differentiating the procedures being performed worldwide is just the artistry and ethics. When done in a correct manner, the procedure itself and the product thereafter has a class of its own.

In fact, the debate between quantity and quality has been raging over decades. It just boils down to the ethics and values.

A genuine hair transplant center provides its patients with the best resources, more than sufficient time, accessibility to the surgeons, assurance, and most of all knows how to take responsibility. No clinic in the world can give any patient a written guarantee because it is against the medical ethics and conduct. However, a good clinic does not use it as an excuse to save their skin.

Clinics who charge more are the ones that strive to provide the best resources to their patients when cheaper sources are easily available in the market. They do so at the risk of losing a probable patient. I think that speaks volumes about their principle, and a clinic that does not compromise on the resource is bound to never compromise on the results.

The transplant results on a patient’s scalp are the doctor’s handiwork. It exhibits the artistry and the passion of the Doctor. Most usually places with a much lower price are commercial and have very haphazard work ethics. In an ethical clinic, the person coming for an intervention is regarded as a patient. Unlike clinics where the patients are seen through commercial glasses and referred to as “customers”.

The care, time, labour, resources, set up, research, practice and most of all discipline involved in performing the transplantation of even a single strand of hair in the correct fashion involves a lot of investment – material as well as abstract. Therefore, it is not a wonder that most commercial places are not able to comprehend the value of the transplantation procedure, let alone the patient who trusts them.

Hair transplantation is so much more than a cosmetic surgery. It is a way to change and touch people’s lives. In a world where we already have enough to dismay over, helping someone enhance their looks can change his or her life and perception of things. It is a very superficial procedure and sometimes it might even seem downright vain. But when you see the happiness in a 21 year old’s face because he does not need to be the butt of every joke among his friend’s in college; or the relief in a working professional’s face because he does not have to feel judged when giving his presentations or propositions; or most commonly, the happiness in a lady’s aura because she no longer has to hide her head with a scarf and can choose any hairstyle; the whole system and the whole industry starts to make much more sense.

In the hair transplant industry, ethical people work more towards a happier future for the patient. If it means that there might be a tiny bit of financial discomfort due to expenditure in the best resources, then so be it. Shortcuts and easier roads always lead to dead ends.

The price aspect involved in the hair transplant industry has so many facets. But hardly do we see people giving any credit to the doctors or admiring their artistry or passion. A good hair transplant surgeon always harbours the soul of an artist.  And sometimes art is priceless… isn’t it?



Written by Nelson Mukhia

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