When people think about their losing hair, often times a thought sparks in the mind about getting a wig to replace all of the hair loss. This might be a solution and might make you feel good in the short term, but here is why getting a wig is not a permanent solution and is not something you should consider pursuing in the quest for better hair.

Thinking about the nature of a wig, it cannot be a permanent solution because you have to consistently update the wig and get renewed wigs different wigs every time. A hair transplant surgery is once and is final, whereas a wig is recurring and is not final. One of the apprehensions that people have when considering a hair transplant surgery is that there is a lot of blood involved with the surgery but the reality is that there is no blood loss involved in a hair transplant surgery.

  1. Skin problems – Wearing a wig causes skin irritation and itching and is not a permanent solution because it causes scalp itchiness and redness and irritation. On the other hand, if you were to go through a surgery, 
  2. Aren’t done by trusted doctors – A wig is not made by a doctor that is well trusted and has years of experience and training doing something repeatedly.
  3. Doesn’t solve the problem – Wigs are inherently a short term solution and don’t address the actual problem, the problem is that there is not enough hair on someone’s head and a wig is simply window dressing to cover up this aspect rather than offering an actual well thought out solution.
  4. Can lead to even more hair fall – Wearing a wig can actually lead to even more hair fall than normal. Wearing a wig stresses the hair follicles at the base, which makes it a problem for someone who is concerned with their natural hair and increasing their number of hair follicles. Stress on the hair follicle causes the hair follicles to gradually weaken and eventually fall out of their natural place. The excess stress on the hair follicles is not good for existing hair follicles as well as subsequent hair growth.
  5. Regular Maintenance – Wigs require a consistent and constant investment, they’re expensive and need to be renewed after a while. In the long run, a hair transplant could actually prove to be a better investment than a wig. If you’re considering the cost of a hair transplant in Mumbai then it might actually be beneficial to get a hair surgery than it would be to get a wig.

If you’re looking for a better solution than wigs then you might want to look for a hair transplant in Delhi or Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

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