Hair Transplant Services and Facilities in Delhi NCR


Delhi NCR Hair Transplant Services & Facilities

At Eugenix, you will get treatment and facilities of international level. Your air transplant will be done by experienced surgeons with great skills. Following two techniques will be followed by the doctors for your hair transplant:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this technique follicular units are obtained single at a time from the donor area of the body normally from the sides and back of the head. Tiny holes are created with the help of small punch of 0.8mm to 1mm on the affected regions and then follicular units are implanted. This technique does not leave any liner scar.

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT)

In Direct Hair Transplant no incisions or holes are created on the recipient area. The hair follicles are implanted to the recipient area directly. Therefore this technique is painless and scarless. It provides natural results with maximum density and lifetime growth.

DHT ® Technique

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