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About Eugenix Hair Transplant Clinic & Services in Delhi NCR

There are many reasons that make Eugenix the best clinic for hair transplant as:

Our Experienced Doctors

Our surgeons have years of experience in performing hair transplant surgeries. They are highly dedicated and skilled to perform hair transplant. They have treated international patients from US and around the world. Our surgeons have years of experience in hair transplant. They have treated people from U.S. state and from around the world.

Our Team

Our surgeons are assisted by a team of experienced technicians who are personally trained by them. The aim of our team is to provide the highest quality standards of patient care.

Our Technology

Our surgeons perform the most advanced techniques of hair transplant- FUE and DHT. Our surgeons use high tech instruments as MPCID and No Root Touch Implanters.

Our Focus

Patient education is our primary focus. Our aim is to provide you honest and thorough evaluation of your hair loss. Technology and facilities along with outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere at our clinic makes it the best clinic for hair transplant.

Cost-Efficient Quality Care

We provide 100% transparency in pricing. We only deliver what we promise.

DHT ® Technique

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