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An Introduction to Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is tough for men, but for women hairs are their identity and hair loss is very much hard for them to bear. Thus, when a woman notices an excessive hair loss for continuous period they get panicked and start looking for the way to cover up the hair loss.

What are the Conditions where Hair Transplant can be done in Females?

Hair transplant in women can be done in women in the following case of:
  • Alopecia which may occur due to burn, surgery or trauma
  • Advanced female pattern baldness which is unable to get any improvement, even after using medicines regularly
  • Scarring alopecia which is stable even after minimum of twelve months
  • Restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Traction alopecia

Why Hair Transplant is done in Females?

Hair transplant done in females make their life better as:
  • Those women who will get their hair back with hair transplant will attain natural and healthy hair.
  • After the hair transplant women will be able to grow hair longer and style them in a manner they want them to be.
  • Women who get back their hair regain their confidence.
  • Transplanted hairs are able to undergo anything as strenuous workout, vigorous dancing, swimming and coloring sessions.

What are the Different Techniques of Hair Transplant for Females?

Following are the hair transplant techniques used in females:

Direct Hair Transplant

Direct hair transplant is most advanced hair transplant technique because it is the modified FUE technique. This technique provides clean and completely natural hairline. This technique usually does not take much time. This hair transplant method is painless and it provides more pleasant experience especially in case of women if performed with right technique.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

FUE hair transplant technique is the most preferred technique for restoration of hairs in small cases. In FUE hair follicles are extracted from the donor area with the aid of a specialized extraction instrument. Then the follicles are transferred to the recipient area in which small incisions are made. Then the follicular grafts are implanted in the groups of one to four hairs.

Why You Should Choose Eugenix for Female Hair Transplant?

Eugenix is the best clinic for female hair transplant as it has experienced surgeons who are the pioneers of most advanced technique of hair transplant DHT. They provide 100% results along with natural looks which gives women pleasing looks. They help a women to regain their lost confidence and enjoy life.

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