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Introduction to Eyebrow Transplant

Perfectly arched eyebrows add to your personality and beauty. However not all people are blessed with them. Implanting hair grafts on the thin or missing eyebrows can help grow perfectly arched, symmetrical and dark eyebrows. In an eyebrow transplant, hair is taken directly from your head and thus it is permanent.

Another advantage of the procedure is that it mostly takes approximately 5 to 7 days to recover. Regrowth rates of the transplanted eyebrows tend to be quite high. This is true no matter whether the entire eyebrow or portions of the eyebrow are being restored. Regrowth rates of the transplanted hairs tend to be quite high, although the occasional patient chooses to have a second procedure to achieve greater density.

What are the Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss?

The major causes of eyebrow hair loss are:
    • Ageing
    • Over-Plucking of eyebrows in Women
    • Burns
    • Trauma
    • Alopecia Areata
    • Radiation and Chemotherapy
    • Genetically thin Eyebrow
    • Thyroid Disorders

Surface Anatomy of Eyebrows?

Eyebrow hair is generally vertically leaning and they turn horizontal as they go lateral. Eyebrows are thicker and straighter in men and they are thinner, arched and higher in females. The hair density of eyebrows is usually stable but tattooing and plucking can change it.

Eyebrows occupy a central position on your face. They can literally make or break your looks. Perfectly shaped, dark eyebrows can add definitive attributes to your looks while they can also dampen a beautiful face if they are sparse.

It is crucial to understand the angles at which the eyebrows grow. The transplant should also be done at that precise angle so as to provide natural looking eyebrows. Surgical precision and skill are needed to reform the precise dimensions, arc and shape of the eyebrows.

Who is an Ideal candidate for Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

To be a good candidate for the eyebrow transplant you must have good medical condition so that the risk of complications is minimal for you. People who have lost their eyebrow hair because of genetic factors, over plucking, or trauma are usually the best candidates for eyebrow hair transplant. Also, people who have experienced frontal fibrosing alopecia, alopecia areata or certain other conditions which resulted in the hair loss of eyebrows can also go for eyebrow hair transplant.

A biopsy of the area is also needed to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for eyebrow transplant or not.

Technique for Eyebrow Transplantation

The grafts for eyebrow transplantation are generally taken from the scalp, pubic region, legs or armpit. The scalp hair will be typically taken from the back of the neck or sides because of the soft texture. However, the scalp hair grows much faster than eyebrow hair. Thus,after transplantation, they will be required to be trimmed quite often so as to keep them short. Well, the best option for grafts is from your legs as the hair on legs are thin and short. Other donor areas for eyebrow hair transplantation such as pubic hair or armpit hair can also work in case there are no other suitable donor sites available.

Usually around 500 hair follicles are needed for eyebrow transplants. Also, It is quite essential to follow the direction and angle of the naturally occurring eyebrow during the implantation of hairs on the eyebrow skin.

Following the techniques which are used for the hair transplant of eyebrows:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This technique was previously termed Follicular Unit Extraction and was published in 2002 by Dr Bernstein and Dr Rassman. This technique involves extraction of individual follicular units (FU) or follicles from the donor area and implantation in the recipient area. It established the use of small, circular punch which aided in incision of the skin and separation of surrounding tissue from the graft. This technique gained popularity in next few years after facing initial criticism like any other.

 In the year 2018, the term ‘extraction’ was replaced by ‘excision’ in an attempt to emphasise the minimally yet invasive nature of the procedure and avoid misleading patients.

Steps of FUE:

  • Extraction of required follicular units or follicles from the donor area and placement in holding solution.
  • Implantation of the grafts in recipient area with the help of implanters or forceps.

Advantage of FUE over FUT-

  •  Avoidance of linear scar
  •  Faster healing time
  •  Technique of choice in decreased scalp laxity 

Why Eyebrow Hair Transplant is Done?

Eyebrow hair transplant provides you permanent and natural hair which does not need a lot of maintenance. For men eyebrow their transplant is more beneficial as they are not comfortable in using cosmetic pencils to darken their eyebrows.

Why to Choose Eugenix for Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Let it be a complete reconstruction or only filling the gaps, we take utmost care in providing natural look and density.
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