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Plan your Hair Transplant in India

There are internationally renowned hair transplant clinics in India which are excellent yet cheaper than those of present in other countries. To plan your hair transplant in India you need to do the following:

Read up on the Treatment

There are different types of hair transplant surgeries as FUE and DHT. You need to be well-informed about the treatment you are planning to undergo. You can get enough information online.

Research Popular Destinations

Delhi and Mumbai are the popular destinations of India. In these cities all facilities of the utmost standard are available. Moreover, there are more options for hair transplant clinics in these cities. Therefore it is better to choose such cities for your hair transplant.

Choose a Good Doctor

Choose an experienced and dedicated surgeon for your hair transplant by searching online and checking the reviews on multiple platforms. Good doctors will provide permanent and natural looking results of hair transplant.

Check Visa Requirements

After picking your destination, apply for a visa in due time. Double check the documents you will need and how to submit your application.

Leaves from Office

One week leave from office is usually recommended so that you can give sufficient care to your newly implanted hair. Therefore you must have one week in hand.

Book Flights

It is better to reach India one day prior to hair transplant surgery so that that you can have enough sleep before surgery. You can leave after 48 hours of your hair transplant.

Pack Required Things

While packing your suitcase do not forget to have your ID and Visa handy. Your medical record may be required therefore you must carry it. Also, you must carry a couple of button-up shirts as you will not be able to pull any clothes over your head after the completion of operation.

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