Hair Loss

What are the treatments for Male Hair Loss?

Following are the treatments for male hair loss:

Medicines for Male Hair Loss


Minoxidil is formulated for topical use. It relaxes the arteriolar smooth muscle resulting in vasodilation. Minoxidil extends the duration of anagen phase (growth phase) and it can improve the blood supply to the follicles. Regrowth of hair is more at the vertex as compared to the frontal areas. Topical treatment with this medicine is required in continuation, because discontinuation of treatment will cause rapid reversion to the pretreatment condition.


Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase type- 2 inhibitor which can only be used in men. It is known to reduce the succession of male pattern hair loss and stimulate new regrowth. It works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone leading to serum dihydrotestosterone levels to decrease. Finasteride should be used continuously because discontinuation results in slow progression of the disease.

Hair Transplant Surgeries for Male Hair Loss

Direct hair transplant, follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation are the common hair transplant surgeries done in case of male hair loss. Direct hair transplant is the most advanced technique of hair transplant as it is the modification of the follicular unit extraction technique.

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