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About Eugenix Hair Transplant Clinic & Services

There are several reasons that make us different from the other clinics of hair transplant as:

Our Focus

Our main focus is to offer you the treatment with best technology and facilities. Patient satisfaction is our main objective. We provide you outstanding care and friendly atmosphere so that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our Experienced Surgeons

Our surgeons are highly skilled and trained in performing hair transplant surgeries. They show wonderful natural looking results on their patients. Due to their skills, they are internationally known and thus international patients also come to India for their hair transplant surgery.

Our Techniques

At Eugenix, we only use the advanced techniques that do not leave any scar. The two techniques used at Eugenix are- Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Transplant. These techniques are minimally invasive and they do not cause pain.


We show 100% transparency in pricing and graft counting.

DHT ® Technique

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