Book Launch - Step by Step Hair Transplantation

We as Hair Transplant surgeons both veteran and new have always struggled finding the right literature.

When we (I and my wife) started out a decade ago we took baby steps as the ′know how’ of Hair Transplant was like finding an ′ember in ashes′. It was either strikingly beautiful or a complete mishap.

Working over the years and dedicating our lives to hair transplant we have come a long way. This work is not just any literature but  ‘A Hair Transplant journey′ through pictures which speak for themselves.

This book deals with all the practical aspects from the very point a patient walks in.

It discusses the essence of detailed patient evaluation which is of utmost importance to bring out the best results.

Special chapter committed to our practice of Direct Hair Transplantation, which drastically decreases ‘out of the body time′ of grafts hence maximises the growth of the planted grafts.

Anaesthesia chapter deals with tips and tricks of painless, adequate and safe pain management. Emphasis on artistry while making the anterior hairline is made known as it is the naturalness which is sought after.

Reconstruction of different imported areas like temple, hump, mid scalp and crown and the valid things to be kept in mind are highlighted.

Body Hair Transplant makes grade 7 baldness easily doable; as beard hair grows wonderfully on scalp and produce outstanding results in expert hands. This also brings light to the Mega and Giga sessions which are done to cover large area at one go. Graft scoring and handling takes centre stage as they are fragile and complete care of them throughout is paramount.

This book also deals with complications that one must be aware of during and post surgery. Corrective surgery are often always seen these days and when taken up should be anatomized well.

Female Hair Transplant is done much more commonly and we do lot of them in our practice hence a detailed account. Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplant and the expectations regarding them are given in detail.

This book also talks about the kernel aspects of setting up a HT centre and photography. Lastly it also includes a comprehensive case of HT in Cicatricial Alopecia which is always a challenge. 

All in all this book gives out the empirical facet of Hair Transplantation and the entirety of it.

It is an attempt to make Hair Transplantation science more understandable and accessible.

We are sure this will benefit everyone and the knowledge acquired through the years will live and be passed on forever. 

The Doctors at Eugenix present Step by Step Hair Transplantation - a comprehensive guide on hair transplantation for dermatologists.

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