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Patients frequently ask about the success rate of hair transplant surgery. It is an important question as this procedure can be a significant emotional and financial investment. At Eugenix our studies have shown that 100% of all the grafts we place will ultimately grow normal hair. Our surgeons hold the world record of transplanting 16500 grafts on a single patient.

The success of a hair transplant is often judged by the appearance of hairs of patients after the transplant has completely grown. At Eugenix the primary objective of our surgeons is to meet the expectations of the patient. Our most of the patients after complete growth of the hair transplant comment that nobody has noticed their hair transplant. Along with a 100% success rate of hair grafts, our surgeons ensure the results customized to age, expectations and ethnicity. Our patients get amazingly natural hairline with dense packing and complete coverage of the bald area.

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