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Why Eugenix

Every year, Eugenix treats several international patients suffering from hair disorders. Eugenix provides complimentary services to its international patients. We are dedicated to provide exceptional care to patients who visit our clinic from around the world. We use the most advanced hair transplant techniques in conjunction with the latest thinking on aesthetic density. There are several reasons for which international patients visit our clinic:

Advanced Technology and Techniques

Eugenix is equipped with high tech infrastructure and advanced technologies. Our surgeons pioneered direct hair transplant technique which is the most advanced hair transplant technique. It is 100% safe and shows the best results.

Experienced Surgeons

Our surgeons are recognized globally for performing more than 4000 hair transplant surgeries on Indian and foreign patients. They have shown results of implanting more than 1, 25, 00,000 grafts with 100% success rate. They have treated 900+ Grade 6/7 Baldness Cases. Over 900 Doctors from worldwide have trusted Eugenix with their own Hair Transplant Surgery.

Experienced Team

Every hair transplant procedure is carried with the greatest care by the dedicated team of expert and supporting staff.

Artistic Difference

Eugenix surgeons are recognized for their ability to produce extremely natural looking hairline restoration outcomes for their patients. To achieve the most realistic outcomes, our surgeons evaluate many factors during your consultation to plan a precise hair restoration plan for you.


We are proud to be completely transparent in our proceedings. We have invested in technologies that guarantee the same.

Low Cost

Eugenix provides you best results of hair transplant at much lesser cost as compared to hair transplant clinics around the world.

High Quality Services

Eugenix is a patient-friendly clinic and we aim at providing quality healthcare services to our international patients. We provide facilities and amenities to them which meet the international standards.


At Eugenix, we provide excellent in house accommodation for patients visiting us from overseas/out stations. Equipped with 4 star services, comfortable living facilities, and a home-like environment, our lodging ensures your complete comfort.

VIP Transfer

We provide commute options to pick you up directly from the airport. From the moment you land, to the time you take off, your care is in our hands, with our end to end service.

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